Simple vs. Complex Interactivity

Hands interacting on a colored peg board

There are plenty of examples of H5P content that we can draw on to show you the power of this technology. Previously, we showed you a simple one that is a basic true/false question. We also created a dedicated page for this simple example. As you may have guessed, the creation of simple H5P content […]

It’s Free!

Everything is free on the Internet, right? As long as I can see an image, or video, or PDF on the web, it’s mine for the taking (or downloading). Right? Well buckaroo, let’s just say, not so fast. As far as things being free, as in your “right” to use it, it’s actually quite the […]

Dynamic Content

streaking green and yellow light on a dark backgound

Let’s build a little bit on The Power of the R’s, and hopefully further clarify the difference between using and reusing H5P content. As we said, using content is enabled by embedding content on a webpage. Once embedded, the content is viewable by the visitors of the page. However, not only is it viewable each […]

The Power of the R’s

Various colored containers being reused as decorative plant hangers

When it comes to the use of H5P content and OER, you may notice that folks who talk about it use a lot of “R” words. The most common is probably reuse, since that’s the whole point of making H5P content – so people can use and reuse it. You may be asking the question, […]

Begin at the Beginning

A coffee mug in a wooden table that reads - BEGIN

This post will hopefully show you the basics of using H5P content. You can see some examples of H5P Content Types at the H5P website. So let’s place some example H5P content below… How did it get there? Well I embedded it. You whatted it? I copied and pasted the code that makes up the […]