New H5P Content Types

In honor of OE Week 2022, we are pointing you to some new H5P content types that have been released recently. The new content types are The Chase, AR-Scavenger, Cornell Notes and Structure Strip as announced on the website. Here’s a brief summary of what they are:

  • The Chase lets you use multiple existing content types to add a bit of competition. However, this is Premium content that is only available to subscribers, so it’s not considered an “open” content type.
  • AR Scavenger is an augmented reality content type that allows you to explore 3D shapes or interactive tasks in H5P content using your mobile device. See the video in the post for example uses.
  • Cornell Notes is an implementation of the Cornell Note Taking System – basically a demonstration using the system to show you how to take better notes.
  • Structure Strip is a content type that emulates the paper version of this type of outlining technique. It is geared more toward primary or early secondary students.

That’s it. Just a short one. Enjoy the week and we’ll see you in the next post … coming soon, I hope.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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