Simple vs. Complex Interactivity

There are plenty of examples of H5P content that we can draw on to show you the power of this technology. Previously, we showed you a simple one that is a basic true/false question. We also created a dedicated page for this simple example. As you may have guessed, the creation of simple H5P content takes less time than the more complex ones.

Below is an example that is slightly more complicated. It is an example of a 360° Virtual Tour H5P content type featuring a space on the UNF campus – the Student Union and what is known as Boathouse Lake.

Drag the mouse around and you will see buttons you can click on showing the names of some of the buildings in the area, or you can return to the “ground” view of the Student Union building by clicking on that button.

Creating this virtual tour obviously requires more time in terms of the assembly of the content, as well as the gathering of the media resources (the two 360° images which included some editing).

As complex as this interactive content is, the H5P approach provides one of the lowest thresholds to creating this type of content. The examples and tutorials provided for this and other content on the H5P website will potentially help you create some quite powerful interactive elements. We hope that knowing that there is this capability will motivate you to try creating some yourself.

As always, reach out to us at CIRTLAB@UNF.EDU if you have any questions.

Header photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

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